LEVEL 2 – Social Media Account Management




This is the Level 2 version of our SMAM service. This level includes everything level one has and then some. If you are already using another level but wish to change your level of service, be aware, we only allow one change in level per month to avoid constant changes. Stability should be a goal in your social media mission. Your fan base will understand you better snd there will be no guessing as to when they should come back to see your content. If you really need to change again after your second choice for a month, please contact your artist. We will upgrade as you request it but doing this to often with usually make you lose followers. No one wants that. Please see below for service inclusion list.

Basic Social Media Account Management ( included with Level 2)


-(1) 30 minutes call or zoom conference with your artist at the beginning of each paid service month. To go over any requests for the upcoming months’s social media plan of action.

-(1) Post or story a week equaling no more than (4) total combined posts/stories in a paid service month.

-Each post or story we design for you will be custom branded and follow the image in which you are showing on the chosen platform (Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc). We will not be monitoring news or your history so please forward any content requests to your assigned artist/account manager before they post content. We will not redo any posts due to the client forgetting to contact the account manager. In rare cases we may, but it’s on a case by case basis. T

-Upon request, we will allow the (4) included designs/releases to be split up between two separate platforms. This will give (2) designs on each of your two social media accounts.

This may not seem like a lot, but to have an active social media that you are not having to post on regularly, with more time to do what you love… that’s priceless. Before you walk away from this awesome deal, speak with one of our artists!




Level 2 included:

– Custom Account message response once per day for up to 50 messages.

**This is the biggest reason for moving to level 2 from our entry level version of SMAM. We will have you give us your written response and you will let us know how you wish us to respond with your rewritten response to your followers/fans. It will be a cut and paste styled message with your personalization included in the message. Some clients have us add a link in the message so those random fans chosen for response will get a free prerecorded video message or something else special like a photo from our client. This is up to you. The biggest choice you will have to make is how many messages per day (level chosen) and what we will be telling those followers. The rest of your messages can be deleted by us if you choose. If you don’t choose, we will leave that action up to you. We will not be responsible for full inboxes if we are not asked to delete message. Please consult with your account manager if you have questions. Package Add one are available if you need them. Just ask!

-(2) more 30 minute phone or zoom calls with your account manager/artist. This will allow for better planning with the extra items bing added to the service level. Need more meetings for planning? Let us know!

-(1) follower highlight per month. This is something for you to give back to your followers. You will give us something as a prize for a follower. Maybe you wish to send a custom video to this follower, or a picture, maybe you want to talk to them on zoom for a few minutes. Whatever you choose, we will use it in your chosen way. Some clients like to have a monthly contest and the winner gets whatever you choose to give them. It makes your channel more engaging with with followers and helps in making you seem relatable when you personally interact with them like this. After winning and receiving the “prize” we will add them to the premodern custom designed post and it will be posted to you channel. Confused? Just ask. We can alter this as needed. We can even swap this t for another plan of similar scope if you already have one. Just let us know!

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