LEVEL 1 – Social Media Account Management




We have some clients we are already providing this service to. Some future clients have also asked why we don’t have this listed in our services. We will slowly be adding a tiered/level based structure to this family of services. See below for the basic level and what’s included.

Basic Social Media Account Management


-(1) 30 minutes call or zoom conference with your artist at the beginning of each paid service month. To go over any requests for the upcoming months’s social media plan of action.

-(1) Post or story a week equaling no more than (4) total combined posts/stories in a paid service month.

-Each post or story we design for you will be custom branded and follow the image in which you are showing on the chosen platform (Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc). We will not be monitoring news or your history so please forward any content requests to your assigned artist/account manager before they post content. We will not redo any posts due to the client forgetting to contact the account manager. In rare cases we may, but it’s on a case by case basis. T

-Upon request, we will allow the (4) included designs/releases to be split up between two separate platforms. This will give (2) designs on each of your two social media accounts.

!!!!! **** You can double up this package if you so choose. Just Oder two and pay for two each month. It will get you twice the amount of each item that is listed in this included section. Our director likes to throw in freebie stuff for those who go out of thier way to double his work load so expect something funny but totally useful. **** !!!!!

This may not seem like a lot, but to have an active social media that you are not having to post on regularly, with more time to do what you love… that’s priceless. Before you walk away from this awesome deal, speak with one of our artists!

***This package does NOT include communications management of your account. Example? We will not be responsible for your social media account message inbox and the responses to them. We have other packages that include message box management.

**We also will soon have affordable add on items for you to pick and choose from.

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