Graphic Design and Brand Identity Creation

Who are we?

Graphic Design

Spacial Feature is a top-tier graphic design agency in Savannah, Georgia.  Our team of talented graphic designers understand that strategically driven creative design is the key to integrated communications. From logos and graphic, to content and social media management, we combine relevant ideas with focused copy to create powerful designs that inspire a response.

Creativity solves business problems and delivering strategic messages in a way that captures the imagination is the essence of good creative. Our talented, creative team thrive on creating campaigns that speak to the hearts and minds of their intended audience, motivating them into action. 

Along with traditional/online small to large businesses, we have a specialization in the music industry.  Recording artists require a lot of graphical work behind the scenes.  The outcome of such work can be very rewarding if the artist or label reaches out to artists for help. In our case, we have some of the brightest and most creative artists who have decades of experience with designing all kinds of things for the music industry.  Album covers, album release posters, album release party flyers, social media content, stage name branding, pre/post album release content,even new label branding or rebranding. The list is endless.


Whatever the medium, we fuse intelligent strategy with creative excellence to develop innovative campaigns that just can’t be ignored.

Brand Identity Creation

Spacial Feature is a full service branding agency in Savannah Georgia with specialists in all areas of brand design and communications. Our experience in creating and refreshing brands enables us to capture the essence of your business and the imagination of your customers in a brand tailored to your specific needs. 

If you are launching a new brand, we can develop a unique position and identify a branding strategy that defines the individuality of your business. If you need to retain consumer connection and awareness, we can modernise and revitalise your existing brand so that it evolves while retaining its core strengths.

From strategy to implementation, we're a branding agency offering a full branding service that covers every touch point. 

Digital Marketing

From Content marketing to SEO and Paid Ad designs, we offer the full spectrum of digital marketing activities to build your brand and take your business to the next level.